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How to Build A Tidy Laundry Room?

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The laundry room should be able to fit washing machines, dryers, laundry pools, countertops, cleaning supplies cube storage unit, and spare home textile fabric storage cubes. In addition to washing clothes, we also need to arrange an area for housework, such as ironing clothes, washing shoes, and storing mop and vacuum cleaners. So how to arrange the space reasonably to make our laundry room look tidy?



Make Use of the Storage Tools

If we don't want to find corners to put housework tools, we can use storage tools to store them. We can nail a wall mounted shelving unit to the door, and iron and ironing board can be placed on it.



29-collapsible laundry basket

Use the Jar

We should look carefully at each pocket before washing, and then put the change, receipt, chewing gum and many others in the pocket in an empty jar. The softener that has been used in the dryer is taken out and can be placed in another small jar. They can be used to remove dust and can also be stuffed in shoes, which can effectively deodorize. When only one sock is found, we can put the single sock in a small jar first, and then clip it together and dry it when the other paired one appears, which can save a lot of searching time.



Hanging to Dry

Clothes drying racks that can be hung on the door allow clothes to dry more fully. The surprise of this small measure is that when we want to change the laundry room, we can easily remove the portable clothes rack. In addition, we can also leave some space for dried underwear and shirts, and fix a strong metal clothes rack at both ends of the closet, and it is recommended not to use fragile clotheslines.



Store Messy Items

We can put messy small objects, such as spray powder and laundry beads into the homebase cube storage boxes separately, which is not only easy to organize, but also there will be no small items scattered around the laundry room. A removable collapsible laundry basket allows us to easily collect clothes in the bedroom and laundry room.



Vertical Storage

We can make full use of the space above the washing machine to make heavy duty metal shelving. In order to look neat and not messy, we can add stackable storage cubes. We can also use the empty space on the side of the washing machine to install a high cabinet to store long-handled cleaning tools, such as vacuum cleaners.



Operation Table

We can also use the space above the washing machine to make a large operating table for ironing, folding clothes or temporarily placing items. We can consider installing a foldable console, put it down when in use, and put it into the wall when not in use.




The above are some tips for making the most of laundry room space. Reasonable planning of the laundry room arrangement and the use of storage tools can not only improve the efficiency of housework, but also make our laundry room look tidy and clean.


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