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How to Design A School-style Family Space for Children?

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The decoration of children's rooms should start from safety, growth and fun. It is a space that integrates rest, play and study. It is necessary to provide children with a safe growth environment and satisfy children's leisure and entertainment. In addition, the design of the children's room can help children develop good storage and study habits. Children’s rooms must consider both the actual needs of the children and the utilization of space. There are many details that require our attention when decorating the children’s room, especially the design of the study area.


Creating a healthy learning environment for children means that you need to rationally arrange learning tools and daily necessities. Before the school year begins, these space-saving tips can avoid clutter.


In order to be entertaining and entertaining, I personally suggest that it is best to clearly distinguish the leisure area from the study area.


90-3-bookcases & standing shelves


Paint A Chalkboard Wall


If your childrens room has enough space, you can leave part of the empty wall painted as a blackboard, or hang the blackboard. Using blackboards to teach lessons can encourage children's creativity or plan a study week.


Purchase Storage Closet


Place bookcases & standing shelves on the other wall of the room. The bookshelves can put textbooks, art supplies and extracurricular interest books that children use more at this stage. Put idle paper and other toys into storage cube with lid and toy storage cubes so as not to affect the overall display.


Assemble A Storage Box


Put books, art materials and extracurricular activity utensils on the breakfast table. This allows children to know in advance what they will learn for the day, so they can plan their study plans in total.


Use Available Wall Space


If the internal space of the children's room is relatively small, it is feasible to keep everything within reach. You can add a cork board, adjustable wire shelving, slim shelving unit or pen shelf on the wall. In this way, children have enough desk space to study.


DIY Gadgets


If your child has practical lessons every week, then you can make a variety of learning or living appliances together with your child, such as small plastic wardrobe, portable clothes rack and simple pallet shoe rack. Doing so can not only exercise the child's hands-on ability, but also enhance the relationship between parents and children.


Make A Bulletin Board


If you cant leave an empty wall, a self-made bulletin board can also list the days class schedule, homework and reading materials. It is very fulfilling to complete the study plan for the day as planned.


Use Different Colored Storage Boxes


Place the books and school supplies for different subjects in the box shelving unit of different colors, and write the subject name with sticky notes. Canvas storage cubes with socks can also be hung on the shelf behind the bedroom door.


The growth rate of children often surprises parents, and the design of children's rooms must reserve enough space for growth.

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