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How to Design the Place between the Entrance and the Bathroom Door

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Most people don't know how to decorate the place between the porch and the bathroom door. After all, we generally seldom pay attention to decoration in this area. But in many cases, the door facing the bathroom door will be awkward. Therefore, we can consider making some decorations or storage closets to decorate the place.


 39- target linen cabinet

1. Use Partition Cabinets to Block Sight

Designing a screen partition at the door to block is the most practical solution. We can consider customizing a partition shoe storage cabinet to perfectly combine the function of shoe cabinet with the partition. This can not only beautify the space, but also solve the awkwardness of the door facing the bathroom door, and the white shoe storage cabinet can also provide storage space.


Partition is also divided into full partition and half partition. Some people prefer to design a full porch partition at the entrance of the bathroom. This partition design will be relatively large in volume, usually from the ground directly to the top of the ceiling, occupying a larger space and using more diverse materials. While the semi-partitioned porch is relatively small in size and easier to install. Most of the bottom layers are used as closet shoe storage cabinet, and the upper layer is mostly decoration, mostly using a combination of materials such as panels and glass.


We can also consider leaving an aisle at the entrance of the bathroom, and then make a two-way display walk in closet cabinets whose shape is consistent with the overall style of home decoration. The function of this display target linen cabinet is the same as that of the partition black shoe storage cabinet.


If you have a hobby of drinking, you can also consider making a bar counter in a suitable place. The bar counter has a unique shape. Equipped with lights, it can divert the and can also play a good role in partitioning.



2. Invisible Door

Some apartment types have long and narrow corridors, and it is not suitable to install partition wall shoe storage cabinets. Then we can consider designing the bathroom door as an invisible door, which has a strong decorative and hidden function. It should be noted that the invisible door is best designed to automatically close. In addition, we can also consider making the bathroom door and the external wall of the bathroom into a whole, making it into an invisible door. The outward side of the invisible door can be made into artwork. Mosaic, parquet, wall concave and convex shapes and wall painting can be considered, but it is necessary to pay attention to the waterproof and moisture-proof of the door.



3. Use Green Plants as Partitions

In addition to common wood shoe storage cabinet and decorative partitions, we can also choose to use green plants for partition, such as placing broad-leaved plants at the entrance of the bathroom. Plants with trunks and thick leaves are better for sheltering. Compared with entryway shoe storage cabinets, plants can serve as partitions and also can decorate and beautify the home environment.



There are many ways to decorate the porch the bathroom door, we can choose the right way according to our actual situation.

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