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How to Distribute the Good and Bad wardrobe?

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The clothing cabinet industry has been developing for nearly 20 years, and its scale has gradually expanded. Nowadays, not only people who rent out or live in dormitories, but also many families are buying clothes cabinet for small spaces, because it is convenient and fashionable. So how to distinguish the good quality from the bad quality of a cloth cabinet? It is also a matter of concern to many people.



1. Check Whether the Design of Cloth Wardrobe Is Reasonable

Although the design of cloth cabinet is relatively simple, there should be at least two or three layers in the bedroom closet cabinets. It is generally designed as left-right structure and upper and lower structure. The space of one floor is small, which is mainly used to place foldable clothes or folding quilts, while the space of the other layer is generally larger, with steel pipe clothes pole, which can be used to hang clothes that are not suitable for folding, such as coats and shirts. This design is conducive to the reasonable placement of various clothes.



2. Focus on the Structural Design of Cloth Cabinet

The structural design of coat closet cabinet mainly includes two aspects, structural stability and assembly convenience. The structural stability determines whether the cloth cabinet can keep balance when clothes are hung. For closetmaid wardrobe with different material skeletons, the areas that need to be paid attention to are also different when they are purchased. Steel skeleton depends on the thickness of steel pipe, while wood skeleton depends on water content. Wardrobe storage units of steel pipe are relatively affordable and of good quality. The cloth cabinet of solid wood is more environmentally friendly, but the wooden frame is easy to deform because of long-term suspension of things. After a long time of water evaporation, wood size is easy to change, which will affect the entire cloth cabinet.



3. Proper Size

In order to meet actual requirements of oneself, the size and capacity of hanging clothes closet should also be determined according to the actual situation of the room and clothes when cloth closet is purchased.



4. Take Care of the Sealing Degree

The sealing here refers to the good sealing between the layer where the shoes are placed and the interlayer between the clothes. Otherwise, the smell of the shoes is easy to spread out and the clothes will also be stained with the smell.



5. Material of Cloth Cabinet

As for the material of fabric wardrobe closet, the appearance can not just be pursued. Durability is the most important. Generally, the material of wall cupboard for clothes is made of non gauze, and the most popular material is sunflower board. Compared with non gauze, it is more durable and beautiful. Super thick oxford cloth is also commonly used and durable, but the price is very high. It is recommended to buy a small wardrobe cabinet made of oxford cloth for people with more clothes. And then there is the canvas, very strong and durable, and dirty resistant. The quality is the best and the price is the most expensive. There will be peculiar smell when it is bought, so put it first on the balcony to dry before use.


Stronger cloth wardrobe closet should be bought. Do not buy one that is dangerously unstable. What's more, the plastic that is inserted into the stainless steel pipe should also be better. Otherwise, if the quality is not good, it will break and finally become a pile of garbage. It is the best for the cloth cover to be generally made of oxford cloth and the bracket to be made of steel pipe, which is economical and practical, beautiful and strong.


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