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How to Make Full Use of Bathroom Space

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Reasonable space allocation for bathroom can achieve reasonable space utilization. In fact, all kinds of furniture are needed to help achieve this. It is recommended to choose the right bathroom facilities and install them reasonably so that the toilet space can be reasonably allocated. In this passage, we will introduce how to make full use of the bathroom space with storage tools.


36-laundry baskets 

Install an Iron Shelf in the Bathroom

At a distance of 30 cm from the ceiling of the bathroom, we can install a wall shelf unit that can run through the entire bathroom. Unused large items such as laundry baskets, baby baths, small benches, cube storage units and plastic buckets can be placed on the metal wall shelf unit to save floor space of the bathroom.



Separate Sanitary Area and Bathing Area

The sanitary area and bathroom in most houses are a whole space, but a suggestion worth considering is to simply divide the sanitary area and the bathing area. The bathing area is recommended to be in the innermost corner, and the sanitary area should be arranged at the entrance. We can use a frosted glass plate or a curtain to divide the two areas vaguely, which not only will not destroy the overall sense of the space, but also make it look tidy.



Combined Bathroom Cabinet

The main reason for installing the combined bathroom storage closet in the bathroom is that the bathroom hanging cabinet for clothes itself has complete supporting facilities, eliminating the installation of other unnecessary facilities, and the installation of the combined bathroom clothes storage cabinets is simple and space-saving, eliminating cumbersome installation steps, and more importantly this bathroom cabinet is very convenient to clean.


The wall-mounted combined bathroom closet storage cabinet saves space because it is installed on the wall, and looks very stylish and beautiful. And the bathroom plastic closet cabinet has enough storage space to meet our needs.



Wall-mounted Shower

The wall-mounted shower allows us to create a very independent bathroom, which can be separated from the washing area, and the wall-mounted shower makes it easy for us to take a shower. The wall-mounted shower head is composed of all copper materials. The wall-mounted installation method saves space. Usually the shower can be freely adjusted in direction and water flow, and the shower bracket that can be raised and lowered is also very convenient to adjust. The pressure shower sprinkles evenly and powerfully, and the water temperature is very comfortable when taking a bath, and a shelving unit can be added to facilitate storage of toiletries.



Wall-mounted Toilet

Wall-mounted toilets are also a facility for rational use of space, especially small-sized bathroom This kind of toilet is very space-saving to install, and the hidden water tank is also convenient. It is installed on the wall at a reasonable height and it is very comfortable to use the toilet.



The reasonable allocation of space in the bathroom can not only easily realize the installation of facilities, but also the reasonableness of the facilities and the reasonable installation method. It saves the space of the bathroom, and it is very convenient to use.

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