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How to Make Full Use of the Storage Space of the Sink?

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Most people feel that their bathrooms are too crowded, and they always feel that they can't find a place to store items. In fact, as long as we plan the storage space of each furniture during decoration, we can avoid these problems when using it. In this article, we will introduce some effective methods of using bathroom space.



Make Full Use of Upper and Lower Spaces of Sink

There is a lot of usable space in the sink area, and it is also the most frequently used place in the bathroom with the most odds and ends. If the storage of this area is done properly, the whole bathroom space will look neater. There are several common methods. One is wall storage closets plus closet floor storage and hanging clothes drying racks, that is, a wall clothes storage cabinet is placed above the wash basin, a floor cabinet is placed below, and a hanging cloth rack can be placed next to it. This method can make full use of the surrounding area of the sink. Another way is to dig a groove in the wall and make a groove shape on the wall behind the washbasin, so that the washing items can be easily placed in the wall, without occupying the area of the bathroom space itself, but also making the monotonous wall surface more beautiful, but this requires that the wall must not be a load-bearing wall, and it must be waterproof. The third method is to embed the countertop and add a cube storage unit, that is, design a countertop above the washbasin, on which foldable storage cubes can be placed, so as to collect all the items used in it and keep the countertop tidy.


35-towel drying stand 

Effective Use of the Space Around the Toilet Area

In order to make the toileting process more comfortable, the surrounding storage space should be planned carefully. The principle of planning is to be both beautiful and convenient. Magazines, as well as the storage of toilet paper and cleaning supplies, are the main issues to consider. A wall shelf unit with a shallower depth and a higher height can be installed behind the toilet for storing magazines, cleaning supplies, and many others. We can also make a false wall to hide the water tank of the toilet, and we can also dig a groove in the false wall, which can also store a lot of sundries and play a display function. If there is also a wall on the right-hand side, we can place a paper roll holder, towel drying stand, or a wall mounted shelving unit on the wall, but we must pay attention to waterproofing.



Although the bathroom is small, it needs to accommodate a lot of furniture. Mastering the basic storage skills is essential to create a clean and tidy bathroom. With these storage skills, our small bathroom will have a large capacity. We hope these toilet decoration storage methods can help you create a clean and tidy bathroom for your house. 

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