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How to Make Use of the Narrow Space at Home?

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Obviously, small spaces usually have less storage, but that doesn't mean bigger houses don't have the same problems. There are strange little corners in every house, such as the space next to the toilet, the space in the wardrobe shelving and under stairs closet, or the gap between the sofa and the wall. Although the space in these places is small, it seems that they can't be used to store things. But in fact, these places can still be used as storage space, just think about what they can be used for. Here's how to make the most of these small spaces.



Show Your Books on a Narrow Bookshelf

People who love reading will dream of having a library, but if the space in your home is not big enough, you can choose a narrow bookshelf to realize your wish. A narrow bookshelf can help you to hold a part of the book, and the narrow shelf can be placed in a narrow space, so that you can make the most of the space in the house.



Maximum Storage of Linen and textiles

When storing textiles made of materials such as fabric and linen, you can fold them up to reduce space consumption. You can buy a small portable wardrobe closet to store these folded fabrics. Then, you can put this small temporary wardrobe next to the bed in the bedroom, or other corner, to maximize the use of indoor space.



Store Clothes by Category

If all the clothes are stored together, it will make the closet very messy. Therefore, it is necessary to put different clothes in different places. In this way, we can not only make full use of the space in the small wardrobe closet, but also arrange the wardrobes for small spaces well. For example, you can put your socks in a drawer, or you can hang your coat in the closet.



Put Your Shoes in Order

Some people like to collect shoes. They often buy lots of shoes and keep them at home. If these shoes are placed randomly, it will not only waste indoor space, but also make the house very messy. Therefore, choosing a suitable fabric shoe cabinet is the best way to store these shoes. For shoe collectors, their favorite scene is that the shoes are neatly placed on the fabric shoe holder.



Increase Storage Space in Bathroom

Bathroom is a private place, most people will store cosmetics, bath towel and other items in the bathroom. To do this, you can install a cabinet in the bathroom and a white laundry basket outside the cabinet. In this way, you can take off your dirty clothes before you take a shower and put them in the foldable laundry basket.



Choose the Right Kitchen Shelf

For the family with insufficient kitchen space, it is necessary to choose a kitchen shelf with multi-layer structure. In this way, you can place some heavy objects on the bottom of the shelf, such as an iron pan. Place light items, such as seasoning, on the top of the shelf. Then, you can place bowls, spoons and other utensils in the middle of the shelf. If you put tableware in a drawer, it will mould in the wet drawer. Kitchen shelves can solve this problem.


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