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How to Organize Your Closet?

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No matter what kind of home storage closets you're planning, take the time to think ahead and really consider what you need to store and where you want to store it. Taking a hard look at what you have will help you understand the kind of storage closets you need. This article mainly introduces the clothes closet solutions.


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1. Take All of Your Clothes Out.

The first step to organizing your clothing is sorting your clothes. You can do this by taking everything out of your portable clothes closet, wardrobe organizer, or dresser and piling it on the floor or bed. If you keep your clothes in multiple places, consider tackling each place at a time.


For example, if you keep your clothes in a clothes storage closet and a dresser, sort and organize your closet first. Then, once you have finished, repeat the whole process for your dresser. Consider getting a box or basket for any items that you find that do not belong in your closet, wardrobe, or dresser.



2. Sort Your Clothes into Two Piles.

Create two different piles: a "keep" pile and a "get rid of" pile. Put the clothes you do wear into the "keep" pile, and the clothes you don't wear anymore into the "get rid of" pile. Try to spend no more than a few seconds when deciding which pile you should place something into. If you need more than a few seconds to decide on whether or not you will wear something again, consider creating a third pile. This pile will be the "maybe" pile, and it will hold the items you need to give more thought to. You can also use baskets or boxes to hold your clothes as you sort through them instead of just piling them on the floor or bed.



3. Further Divide Up Your "Get Rid Of" Pile.

You may have placed clothes into the "get rid of" pile either because you no longer like them, they don't fit you any more, or they are too faded, stained, or torn to be worn. Some of these clothes will need to be thrown away, while others can be donated. Go to your "get rid of" pile and separate the clothes that are still in good condition from the clothes that are ripped or stained. Clothing that will be donated should be in decent condition. There should be no rips, tears, stains, or fading.



4. Give Your Closet a Deep Clean.

While you might think an empty wardrobe storage closet is "clean", now is the time to wipe down the closet walls and vacuum or mop the closet floor. Once items are removed, you will probably find stray clothing tags, store receipts or dust bunnies. If the walls need painting, choose a paint that is specifically formulated to be mold and mildew-resistant. If you find your closet walls have mildew or mold after you remove items, professionally examine your walls and properly clean and paint them.



5. Add Your Clothing Back Into the Closet.

Since your clothes will take up the majority of the portable storage closet, it’s best to put them back first. If your hangers have become broken or mismatched over the years, invest in a set of no-slip space-saving hangers which will organize your clothing without any bulk. The way you arrange your clothes is a personal preference, but keeping different types of clothing together is always helpful, hang suit jackets in one section, dress shirts in another, and so on. Then when you’re looking for something to wear, you can easily go straight to the proper category without tearing through the hangers.



6. Organize Your Ties, Belts and Accessories

There’s a proper place for everything — even your ties and cufflinks. Since you probably have more ties than anything else, a specialty hanger will make your life so much easier. There are simple plastic ones you can buy. Determine how many ties you’re keeping, then go with the best option for you.



7. Use Your Shelf for Extra Storage

Now the rest of your portable closet organizer is organized, it’s time to focus on the top shelf most closets already have (or can be easily installed). For items of clothing or other odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else, put them neatly into fabric storage containers that can sit overhead for easy access. They not only look great, but they hold more than you think. Just don’t turn them into a new place to store junk, or you’ll be restarting the closet organization process much sooner than you’d like to.

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