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How to Store Children's Clothes

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From the birth of children, mothers always prepare for them a lot of small things. It is a mistake and unhygienic to store children's clothes open or to put them directly with adult clothes.


 06-2-small clothes cabinet

1. How to Store Children's Clothes

Vertical storage is recommended. It is the habit of people to store clothes horizontally. But in this way, it is not easy for mothers to find clothes, because the children's clothes are very small. They not only are put away groggily, but also will take up a lot of space. The vertical storage method is suggested because the small clothes storage space can not only be compressed, but also less messy, which is convenient for mom to find clothes.



2. How to Store Children's Clothes

(1) Vertical Storage


(2) Classified Storage

Be sure to classify. Simple classification includes clothes, trousers, bibs, socks, etc. It should be noted that if some clothes have accessories or in whole set, they can be put together in retractable wardrobe, small clothes cabinet or kids closet storage. For example, if the clothes and trousers are in the same set, fold the pants in the middle of the clothes, which can save the time for matching clothes later.


(3) Children's Shoes Storage

Do not put baby's shoes with adults' shoes. One reason is that because children's shoes are small, and it is hard to distinguish them from adultsshoes. Then there is the fear of wasting space. It is suggested that children's shoes should be placed separately in closetmaid shoe storage. Wipe the sole of the shoe before storing it. After wiping, let in air, then put it into the shoe storage units. Children's shoes are small, so they can be clamped with clips to avoid dispersion. A small cross bar with s hooks can be placed in the shoe cabinet to lift the children's shoes, which is clean and clear at a glance.


 03-3-storage closet shelving

3. Storage Tips

(1) Clothes that are not worn by children, changed proper for the season, and too large can be put in transparent, retractable chain clip bags or sealed bags.


(2) When clothes are stored, the air in the bag should be first squeezed out, which will save space and prevent clothes from being polluted.


(3) As long as the closet drawers for children's clothes are often wiped and kept dry, there is no problem to put it with the clean clothes of adults. However, children often wear and take off their clothes. If there is a dedicated wardrobes for small spaces, it is a more convenient choice.



4. Storage Precautions

(1) Children's clothes must be thoroughly cleaned before they are ready to be stored.


(2) They should be stored according to the type of clothing. For example, outerwear and underwear, cotton padded clothes and single clothes, pants and underwear should be placed separately.


(3) Underwear should be packed in a clean bag and then put into the underwear drawer organizer.


(4) Special storage box can be applied, such as non-woven storage box, paper storage box and wooden box, etc.


(5) Do not put camphor pill, fragrance agent and other chemical mothproofing products in the freestanding closet wardrobe.


(6) When the weather is fine, often take out the clothes to bask in the sun to disinfect and sterilize.


Parents' careful observation and pursuit of higher quality are all for the health of the dearest children.

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