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How to Store Children's Picture Books?

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Reading is essential to the growth and development of every child. Whether you are reading to them or they are reading the books themselves, the library you prepare for your children at home may be constantly growing and changing. However, those brightly colored spines are not the style you want to arrange on the living room bookshelf. If you want to encourage children to read and keep the living room decorations friendly to adults, you need to provide a space for all these children's books, preferably in their rooms. Therefore, please check out these clever ways to store and display your children's books, which can meet their reading needs and the need for adult space.



1. Book Shelf

The best, most organized and most secure way to store books is on book shelves designed for the purpose. Its clean, accessible and allows your child to easily peruse the books. They're available at most home retailers and are always a good choice. But for adult space, you can custom a child book shelves in their rooms.



2. Floating Bookshelf

This kind of bookshelf is a good way to display books and facilitate access. The plastic cover on the front of the floating bookshelf allows you to stack books, thereby gaining more space.


58-1-living room bookshelf


3. Shelf Above the Bench

I like the idea of a long storage shelf above the bench, because it automatically creates a reading area.



4. Wall Bench and Bookshelf

It providing both a space to read and extra storage for books, but this room also includes a large traditional bookcase to accommodate the growing book collection.



5. Plastic Bins

If you've got more books than you know what to do with, the best place to store them is in opaque plastic tubs that you can seal and store in a cool location. Plastic storage tubs help to protect books from sunlight, rodents, and other conditions, and are easy to stack in out-of-the-way locations. If you don't need to access your books regularly, plastic tubs are a good choice.



6. Stacked Crates

One more quirky and off-kilter way to store and access your books is to line them up in a series of stacked wooden crates. Old milk crates or other storage boxes of various sizes can be reclaimed, then stacked in various patterns to fit the space that you have.


7. Wall-mounted Theme Bins

One creative idea with your stacks of children books is to purchase a kids-themed bins and mount it on the wall. To it, affix small shelves or baskets in which you can store books at a child-appropriate height. This is a great way to lively up your kids' room and organize all their books.



8. Bedroom Nook

Does your child have an interesting bedroom nook that you can’t quite figure out? Fill it with shelves and suddenly, an odd space becomes a playtime nook with spots for toys and books and stuffed animals.



9. Baskets 

It can be as simple as finding a large storage basket or two to hold all of your child’s current favorite books.

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