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How to Store Clutter in the Living Room?

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Storage space is never easy to get, this is especially true in the living room, where you want to maintain a level of formality and comfort. It may mean filling the living room with blankets, books, and magazines to spend a comfortable night, while also having a place to hide the above items when guests come over. Since it takes some creativity to make full use of the gaps in every corner (especially if you live in a small space), we have proposed a list of four unexpected living room storage solutions.


Some of these storage solutions are great for those who are redecorating or buying their first home, so they require more planning. We also made sure to include some simple but less obvious tips that anyone can try it out in their own home. So by scrolling through the four stylish living room storage spaces listed below, you can keep everything in order.



1. Use Every Surface Area and Choose Smart Furniture

Take advantage of every flat surface area in the room. Instead of cramming all your candles, succulents, books, and decorative objects on the coffee table, put some on the fireplace mantel and some on the windowsill. If you have an extensive magazine collection, try stacking them under the storage coffee table, or pile them high, and use the magazine tower as a side table. Of course, you don't need to leave your coffee table completely bare, but if you spread everything out throughout the space, it will look thoughtfully styled rather than messy.



2. Ditch Bulky Furniture, and Reach for the Ceiling

No matter how many corners you use, sometimes there is not enough space to store everything. But this does not mean that your belongings must be left on the furniture and the floor. Instead, consider using walls and ceilings to make the living room more spacious and organized. Floating shelves are both stylish and practical, and hanging racks are also a great way to keep linen, blankets and hats tidy.



3. Consider the Cubes and Use the Mantel

Cube is not only for kindergarten. As you can see, in the living room, a simple small bed-like shelf can be used as an excellent storage solution without attracting people’s attention . If you tuck them in a corner, you can hide technology and other equipment. Low two-tier shelves or benches with shelves can make hold some small item. If you still have no enough storage space, please start stacking your belongings on the mantel or window sill as we suggested before.


57-3-affordable storage basket 

4. Reinvent What You Already Have

If you put blankets around, they will make your space more cluttered and less formal, so hide them when you are not using them. You don’t have to hide your beautiful blanket in a hidden dressing table just because you don’t use it. For example, if you let it peek from the crafty storage basket, it can still be displayed.


We like the effortless elegance of this little corner. This is the perfect example of how to stay organized in a small space or budget. You can use the furniture you already own instead of just pushing everything into a storage closet or buying a large chest of drawer containers. Who said that a low-key side chair cannot be a side table, or an affordable storage basket cannot be used as a dresser drawer? 

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