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How to Store Overnight Clothes?

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It is said that everyone has a chair or a laundry hamper for stacking clothes at home. Especially when the weather turns cold, the clothes on our body are increasing day by day, and the chairs on which clothes are piled are getting more and more overwhelmed. These clothes are thrown on the chair after taking off, we call them overnight clothes. Clothes in spring and summer can be changed and washed every day. In autumn and winter, many heavy coats and sweaters are not suitable for washing. There is an urgent need for a corner to store them. This article will introduce how to store overnight clothes.


12-1-laundry hamper


1. Install Pegboard

There isn’t an organizational challenge that pegboard can’t handle. Try installing a cut-to-fit piece on the inside of your storage closet. It can hold whatever items you might want to wear again that week, such as carves, jeans, skirts, shirts and bras, adjust the pegs to hold exactly what you need. It can also double as coat hooks and permanent accessory hanging closet organizer for things like belts and jewelry.



2. Make Good Use of Door Hooks

They are the same as wall hooks. But this is an easy and cheap fix for renters or anybody who needs another hole in the wall like they need a hole in the head. As a bonus, over-the-door hooks are pretty much hidden if you hang them from the back of the door and leave the door open.



3. Buy a Clothing Rack

Keep a rolling garment rack around the wardrobe storage closet or in the bedroom to hang up worn clothes and oft-used accessories.



4. Prepare A Valet Stand

Coat hanger stands are not just for suits anymore. You can stash an outfit or two here for temporary keeping while you decide what needs a wash.



5. Take Advantage of Other Rooms

Who says that your clothes have to stay in your bedroom? If your living room, dining room, home office or hallways have extra space you aren’t necessarily using, take full advantage by utilizing these areas for clothes storage.



6. Think Upwards-Hanging Clothes

Another way to fake a hanging closet organizer is by hanging a clothes rod from the ceiling. Install strong hooks to your ceiling, and attach rope to dangle below both of them. Tightly tie your rope along a rod, as long as the distance between the two hooks allows, it gives you a place to hang your wrinkle-prone items. If you space is tall enough (and your rope is strong enough), you can add another rod below your first one to double the hanging space.



Overnight clothes have to be worn many times, and they require high ventilation and air permeability. In the northern areas, dust prevention should be paid attention to. When storing overnight clothes, you should choose suitable tools according to your own conditions, such as portable clothes rack. If you want to buy storage tools online, please measure the size first! If you don’t wear overnight clothes for a long time, remember to put them back in the wardrobe shelving after cleaning, leaving more space for other clothes.

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