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How to make an Exquisite Laundry Room with 20 Small Spaces

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In the house decoration design, the exquisite design of laundry room is essential. Let's take a look at some laundry design details.


1. Light up the white room with colorful wallpaper and window decorations. This multi-functional space has hanging space, open shelves, laundry trough, etc., which can help with the daily affairs in the laundry room.


2. Hang the hanging laundry bag to make the daily washing work more convenient. The hanging installation method does not occupy the ground space, but widens the added value of the space.


44-01-laundry sorter

3. The washing machine and dryer are set at the end of the main storage closet to facilitate the cleaning of bedding, towels and clothes.


4. Interior cabinet, custom-made wooden furniture and full color worktable make the laundry attractive. It is convenient and practical to store daily items with wooden hamper.


5. The nearest place to the dryer is a large full-size wardrobe, which can hold all ironing equipment and household products. Everything is arranged according to space and budget.


44-2-wooden laundry bin

6. Some small rooms do not have a special laundry room, but it is integrated with the kitchen. The washing machine is set beside the sink. The kitchen sink is a dual-purpose equipment. As a washing tank, it can water out, wash hands and store detergent.


7. The laundry center at home can be set in the corner of the room, hidden behind the sliding door. A laundry sorter and a ceiling clothes dryer are combined to facilitate timely handling of clothes. The extractable shelf is convenient for arrangement.


8. The laundry room can be decorated at will, and it can be matched according to ones favorite color and theme. There are few visitors to the laundry, so a special personalized non woven laundry bin can be made.


9. A cushion with heat resistance can be prepared separately. If there is not enough space for the ironing board, the mat can be applied. Fold and place when it is not in use.


10. Do not let the bamboo hamper occupy valuable ground space, but push the container into or out of the cabinet as needed.


11. Utilize a collapsible laundry hamper. Do not let heavy baskets pile up when they are not in use. The foldable design means that once the garment is folded and placed, it can be stored between the washing machine and the dryer.


12. Make a beautiful one-piece scalable ironing table, which can be stored after ironing is finished.


13. The wall mounted organizer can not only save valuable floor space, but also be installed in the closet system if there is no special laundry room.


14. Install a board on the top of the washing machine to put green plants or laundry baskets and stools, so that there is another usable working area. In addition, install a pull-out curtain to separate out the laundry.


15. Hang shelves and hanging clothes storage as high as possible to make good use of the limited laundry space.


16. Add a hidden closet with a concealed ironing board installed in it, and it can be fully retracted. After the door is closed, there will be no trace.


17. The clothes rack can be set up at the door of the laundry room and hung on the top of the room, which does not take up much ground space.


18. Hang or install cabinet partitions in some corners to maximize the utilization of space.


19. If there is no floor space for hand sorting dirty clothes during laundry, some vertical sorting bags can be applied to help with sorting.


20. Whole shelf can be installed on the wall because it provides more flexible storage space. Fix the hanger to one side of the laundry room to hang as many clothes as possible.


By personalizing the laundry space, it becomes cleaner and tidier.


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