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How to store children's toys

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Toys can not only bring joy to children's childhood, but also develop children's intelligence and imagination. As children grow up, there are more and more toys at home. If we don’t tidy them up in time, the living room at home is likely to be full of toys, which looks messy. So, the storage of toys has become something every parent must deal with.



However, parents often have a misunderstanding, thinking that after buying cube storage units and putting things in neatly, it is done. But this kind of storage method that counts on the storage cube is not feasible for children's toy storage. It often happens that as soon as the parents clean up one cube unit, the child disrupts another one. In addition, if there are too many toy homebase cube storage boxes, it is not beautiful and takes up space.


26-cube unit


Storage Method

How should the storage area for children's toys be arranged? Parents can try these methods. First, we can classify toys according to the size and quantity. Then we need to find a suitable area as a child's play area and toy storage area. And we should buy multi-layer, open-style solid-color or transparent stackable storage cubes. The large and medium sizes are more practical. Generally, 3-4 layers are enough. According to the previous classification, stickers with corresponding icons on the storage box are convenient for parents to organize. According to the child's height and habits, we should place the classified toys in an area and location that the child can easily access. In addition, we need to set up rules to guide children to play with only one toy at a time. This will also help children learn to store and concentrate.



Storage Tools

The above methods help to improve the utilization of space and the efficiency of storage. However, when children have too many toys, some storage tools that save space are also needed.


1. Airtight Bag and Airtight Jar

This is suitable for toys that are easy to lose parts such as Lego, puzzles, piles, building blocks. We can put the toys and parts in a sealed bag or a sealed jar, and then throw them in the large cube storage box.


2. Lego Storage Bag

It has the function of a carpet when it is spread out, and we can store all the toys properly by using it, so that it is super convenient to put it in the storage closet.


3. Plush Storage Bag

Many people have various plush dolls at home, which take up space. We can buy a compartmentalized storage bag to hang behind the door, which does not take up space, and will not affect the cleanliness and beauty of the home.


4. Wall-mounted Storage Bags

We can buy some wall-mounted fabric storage cubes for our children, which is both beautiful and space-saving.



For children, it is normal to like the new and dislike the old. Parents can think of some more targeted small methods according to the child’s character and characteristics, such as buying less, buying high-quality toys, and making every toy the best. When storing, we need to pay attention to using reasonable storage methods, and use storage tools such as foldable storage cubes and wall shelf unit, which is convenient for children to take the toys and makes the home tidier.

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