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Ideas and Tools of Home Storage

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Every family has a large number of items. If these items are not cleaned regularly, the limited space will be occupied by clothes that have not been worn for many years, old magazines that will never turn back, broken backpacks, and utility bills that have been paid. These discarded items will not overlap with life.

Before you decide to store a certain area or a certain category of items, first spread out all the items in this area or category for thorough cleaning, only leaving the items that are useful, meaningful, and pleasant to you.


Transparent Plastic Drawer Storage Box


This storage box is suitable for wardrobes, living rooms, and children's rooms. This kind of storage box is suitable for foldable clothes (underwear, socks, bottoming shirts, etc.), daily sundries (medicine, stationery, care products, etc.) and children's toys. In addition, toy storage cubes, handbag storage organizer and shirt organiser tray can also store the above items.


These storage boxes are best placed in wooden cube storage unit and wooden cube storage unit.


Telescopic Layered Partition


This type of partition is suitable for storage spaces that do not want to be punched, such as wardrobes, cabinets, shoe cabinets, storage rooms, and bathroom base cabinets. Applicable items mainly include clothes, shoes, pots, sundries, etc.


In addition to using retractable layered partitions, shoes can also be stored in stackable shoe cabinet and mesh stacking shoe shelf. For pots and pans, telescopic layered partitions and magnetic spice racks are also very efficient.


Telescopic Clothes Rail


The retractable clothes rail is easy to use and not expensive, and it is a real storage artifact. Telescopic clothes rails are suitable for wardrobes, corridors, storage rooms, cloakrooms, toilets, etc. The clothes supported by the wooden clothes airer and foldable clothes drying rack are very practical to hang on the telescopic clothes rail.


The telescopic clothes rail is suitable for clothes, towels, shower curtains, shoes and other items suitable for hanging. This is a storage tool full of imagination. When two rods are used together or in combination with other storage tools, its power is endless.

99-2-wooden cube storage unit 

Plastic Shopping Trolley Baskets


Plastic shopping trolley baskets are suitable for cabinets, toilets, bookcases and other spaces. The main items are bottled seasonings, laundry detergent and shampoo. This item can store many scattered items in a centralized manner, which is convenient for picking and placing items. Before buying, you must understand whether the size of the items you need to store matches the size of the product.


The items in the house are of different shapes and types. If you put small items in any corner, it will be like finding a needle in a haystack. At this time, wicker laundry basket and clothes hamper with lid must be used to sort and store items.


The storage basket is used for sorting storage, don't put multiple items in one box. If it is inconvenient to store in a high place, you can choose a storage basket with handles. Try to store only 1-2 items in a storage box. When multiple storage baskets of the same shape are used in the same space, it is recommended to use them in combination with the label to indicate what is inside to facilitate the search of daily objects.


If you want to reflect the appearance after storage, try to choose the same color system when choosing the basic storage tool to help keep it visually clean.


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