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Neway Bathroom Storage Solution--small tips for bathroom storage

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“Easy to buy, hard to store.” This is a common problem for modern people. As people's desire for consumption becomes more and more vigorous, buying has become a daily life of people. But in fact, as long as they can afford it, consumption does not need to be restrained. It is only worth thinking about how to use and properly preserve the newly purchased goods. For example, when there are too many clothes in the laundry room, how to make the laundry room with small space look orderly is what Neway pursues and this article wants to talk about.


For the laundry room, many people think that only need to have a washing machine is enough, in fact, it is not. A good laundry also needs perfect storage.


In the past, many people chose to arrange the washing machine in the bathroom. The disadvantage of this functional area is that the environment is humid, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the machine. Therefore, it's better to make a laundry room alone. Don't think it's a waste of space. If you use it properly, it will become a gold storage area in your home. So, if we have an independent laundry, how to do a good job of household chores storage?


48-bathroom storage solution

Clear up the household chores


Before planning the storage function, it is necessary to list out the housework process according to the actual situation at home. Consider, for example, where you are accustomed to undressing and changing clothes. If you are used to changing clothes in the bedroom, and the laundry area is not nearby, you can set up a DIY laundry basket in the bedroom and take it to the laundry area when washing clothes. This is a completely personalized process. Of course, Neway will also put forward a lot of storage references.




2. Discard the cabinet and use the storage rack


Cabinets are not a cost-effective option for smaller laundries. At the same time, due to the cabinet itself is bulky, moving more troublesome, therefore, the appropriate storage rack is a good choice. Neway offers a variety of storage racks, such as cube storage unit, plastic shelving units, 4 cube storage unit and so on.


The simple slender shelf is suitable for narrow corners, and does not let go of any available space. The metal plate above the shelf is full of holes, which can be used to hang all kinds of cleaning appliances. The simple modeling has powerful functions, every insignificant item in the laundry room has magical uses.


Bold use of white


White is always more safe collocation, in addition, due to the general laundry area is not big, we need to use the principle of color in the visual extension of space. White can make the space bigger visually, so if your laundry space is not big, white or light background is recommended.


Skillfully using "small curtain"


If you are a “sorting control men”, and you can not see the clutter of small things, even clothes hanging out will make you feel not neat, then it is very necessary to add a curtain that can be operated at any time to the small space. It is a good way to pull it up when not needed to store the small things.


Neway Storage has focused on making storage closer to life, providing one-stop solution for home storage business operation partners based on the needs of the local market and customer feedback.

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