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Organization Concept of Living Room Closet

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Many people feel that the living room area is not small at home, but when there are many guests, it will appear that the living room area is too small. So, is there a good way to make the living room larger when needed in a living room with a fixed area? The closet system of the living room may be a good solution to this problem. The closet includes an under stair close storage system, wardrobe storage, garage storage close, etc. This paper mainly introduces the living room closet.

 04-1-wall closet units


1. Design Principle of Living Room Closet

(1) Meet People's Needs

People-oriented design can make users truly realize the charm of home design, which should be subject to people's physiological and psychological requirements.


(2) in Harmony with the Environment

The design of the living room storage closet should meet the requirements of green design as far as possible, and environmentally friendly materials should be applied as far as possible to reduce the waste of materials in the process of production, utilization and recycling.


(3) Have a Sense of Modernity

The design of built in closet cabinets should have a sense of modernity. Design the closet more in line with the requirements of the residents so that they will live more comfortably and show personality.


(4) Echo with Culture

Designers can integrate cultural things into design to reflect and highlight values and world outlook.


(5) Focus on the Combination of Science and Technology and Art

The design of wall closet units in the hall should have an artistic sense, affinity and appeal, and should be coordinated with the design style of the whole hall. Not only the design of function should be paid attention to, but also the design of form and color should be laid emphasis on.


01-3-closet system


2. Design Style of Living Room Closet

(1) Modern Simple Style - Modern, Fashionable, Simple

As the name suggests, the overall design of the living room closet cubby should reflect the style concept of simplicity without losing modern charm. It can not only meet people's life style and demand function, but also reflect people's own taste, cultural background and cultivation connotation.


(2) Modern Chinese Style - Solemn and Elegant

Due to the new Chinese style decoration style of the living room to vermilion, deep-red color, coffee and other main colors, so the new Chinese living room is particularly solemn. The new Chinese style living room combines the modern elements with the traditional elements, and creates the things full of traditional charm with the aesthetic demands of modern people.


(3) Southeast Asian Style - Luxurious and Ornate

Most of the Southeast Asian style living rooms adopt rattan, seaweed, coconut shell, shell, bark, sand and rock to design the living room TV background, emitting a strong natural atmosphere. In terms of color, dark color series is the main color, such as dark brown, black and so on, calm and generous.


(4) Mediterranean Style - Simple and Unsophisticated and Elegant

Mediterranean style living room represents a very leisure lifestyle created by a unique living environment. The living room decorated by this style has free space layout, colors bright, bold and rich but simple. Blue and white are the main colors.


(5) Rural Pastoral Style - Green, Simple

In the decoration, the rural pastoral style living room often applies wood, stone, rattan, bamboo, fabric and other natural materials to create a natural, simple rural style living room mood combined with indoor greening. There is no need to worry about backwardness in the design style of rural scenery.



3. Advantages of Living Room Closet

Compared with the sofa, the living room closet relatively saves space. Because it can completely hide the closet storage cabinets, objects and space, and integrate with the wall cabinet.


The decoration of the living room often reflects the taste of a family. To choose closet cupboard as a part of living room decoration, a deeper understanding should be had in advance.

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