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Several Efficient Storage Tools Used in An RV

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Many people are always worried about daily necessities in large and small bags when traveling. Although the RV has storage space, do the items that you usually bring with the RV take up space? Below we mainly discuss the practical gadgets and storage tips on the RV.


The Coat-in-the-Pillow


When camping in cold weather, you will bring heavy winter clothes. Bulky things take up more space, which may cause inconvenience to your itinerary. Jackets take up a lot of space required by corner closet organizer and wooden closet organizer, thereby reducing storage space for other household items. In fact, just fold your winter clothes as neatly as possible, and put them in a square pillow cover. This decorative pillow is placed on the sofa or bed when not in use, and taken apart and put on when the weather turns cold.


Spice Rack Holder


Putting full-size bookcases & standing shelves in the RV is usually not a very suitable choice. For some people who like to wander around with books, RV storage creative solutions mainly use wall hung spice rack and magnetic wall spice rack. The operation method is also very simple: just install 2 or 3 simple spice racks on the wall and place books in them. This RV storage idea is very practical, because the book is placed in an appropriate place during travel, while wall mounted cubby storage and wall hanging spice rack only take up a small space.


Different Styles of Drying Racks


Although there is a wardrobe on the RV, the washed clothes can be hung on the fold down drying rack and pully clothes airer and placed on the window frame of the RV. This method is convenient and practical. If you have more clothes, you can use the magic S-shaped hanger to put it on the RV, which does not take up space and can put a lot of clothes.

98-2-pully clothes airer 

Slide Out Board + Storage Box


If you don't want to take things hard, this slide-out board + storage box can make your storage space full.


Hanging Storage Bag


There are too many clutter, such a beautiful and practical storage bag can hold keys, small objects, maps, pens, flashlights, etc.


Fabric Closet Organizer with Drawers


Although there are refrigerators and cabinets on the RV, such a fabric closet organizer with drawers uses the space arrangement to store ingredients and even drinks and food in a reasonable way, which is very convenient to put.


Hanging Trash Can


You can easily sweep the trash on the table directly into the hanging trash can, and hang it on the cabinet by the way, put a trash bag in the bucket and throw it away.


Wall Suction Cylinder Rack


The tooth cylinder frame is convenient to install, beautiful in appearance and high in space utilization.


Sealed Bag


It would be too wasteful to store food in airtight bags. The sealed bag can be used in the refrigerator to visually sort and store food. A slightly larger sealed bag is also very convenient for storing underwear. In addition, the sealed bag can also be used to store medicines, cosmetics, digital products, and headband rubber bands, etc.


You drive the RV on the vast and boundless roads, enjoying the vast world.


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