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Simple and Convenient Spice Rack Recommended in 2020

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Spice rack is a kind of household goods which is widely applied and very cost-effective, and it has been very popular. Besides the kitchen, where else can people apply these beautiful little shelves? Let's take a look at 10 creative ways to utilize spice rack with spices outside the kitchen.



1. Creative Usage of Spice Rack

(1) Turn the Bathroom into a Nail Salon

For manicured maniac, when the spice shelf is used to create special storage for nail polish series, it is easy to sort all colors.


(2) Show off Cute Baby Clothes

Since petite dresses are usually light and cute, this seasoning rack can be transformed into an open shelf in a children's room without worrying that it will collapse if it is too heavy.


(3) Additional Storage Capabilities

If people live in a small space, seasoning rack is the best way to store things.


(4) Bookshelf

This is a simple way to put so many picture books for children. Just place the large spice rack high to the ceiling until all the books are stacked.


(5) Place Craft Supplies

For ribbon fanatics, invest in countertop spice rack immediately. They can show the perfect size of all colors.


(6) Hang Jewelry

Just add some hooks to the front of the wire spice rack to hang each necklace. All the space on the top can also be used to store any other clutter from the dresser.


(7) Storage of Writing Tools

Do not waste valuable desktop space on multiple pen holders. Store them on the vintage spice rack.


(8) Create Exquisite Bathroom

Is there a more sophisticated roll distributor than this bamboo spice rack?


(9) Storage of Large Cleaning Products

People will obtain space they did not have before if these spice racks are hung behind the closet door. The cupboard under the sink is just a more spacious space.


(10) Bathroom Storage

These empty spice rack is an ideal tool for hair spray and perfume bottles.



2. How to Make Beautiful Seasoning Shelf

(1) Draw the holes on the base of the seasoning rack on the drawing. Remember to mark the center of the circle (CAD drawing is preferred).


(2)  The outline of the drawing is printed on the wood board, and the center of each opening is nailed out (leaving traces). The same is true for three boards.


(3)  Saw boards and cut holes. When boards are sawn, leave allowance for grinding. Polish each peice of sawn wood from the rough grinding of wood file to the fine grinding of sandpaper, and the grinding shall be smooth.


(4) Glue the three sawn and drilled wood pieces together with 502 glue. A beautiful seasoning rack is ready.


In the process of making seasoning frame, enough allowance should be left when wood chips are sawn.


In addition to these usages, seasoning rack can also play a more important role in life, such as balcony, porch and other places. It even can be applied to make footstool, put potted plants, etc.

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