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Storage Essential for Boy Room

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In order to exercise their children, many parents prepare separate rooms for their children. It is more necessary to exercise their independent character for boys. In addition to books, toys, other small objects in the children's room should also be placed in a specific space. Let's take a look at the storage strategy and key points of the boy's room.


 04-3-bedroom closet storage

1. Storage Skills of Boys' Room


(1) Items Should Be Small and Easy to Arrange

Boys often do not have the habit of tidying up the room, so fast and convenient storage is particularly important. For example, prepare a small portable storage closet. It is best to store objects in small size and easy to move, which can quickly leave enough game and entertainment space for children in the children's room.


(2) Combination Furniture and Double Space

Some children's beds have many functions, such as bookcase, clothes cupboard, etc. There are also some retractable custom closet shelving in unexpected places, which can be used to place small objects that can be conveniently taken, so as to leave more space for the boy's room.


(3) Combined Storage Cabinet, Open Storage

Bedroom closet storage of boy's room requires more open storage closet shelving. A clear design can tell children how to tidy their belongings clearly.


(4) Mini Wooden Shelf Design

Children's favorite trinkets can be shown on the mini wood slat closet shelving, while the small wooden box under the shelf is delicate and lovely, which is not only an ornament in itself, but also can realize the purpose of classifying and storing various small toys and small objects. The hook under the small wooden box can also hang some little toys.


(5) Lengthening Design

Lengthening design brings a lot of fun and convenience to children. The empty bed can be a place for books and snacks, and the bottom of the bed which has much storage space can store many dolls. In addition, with the growth of age, the child will slowly grow tall, and this children's bed does not need to be replaced. It is all right to just change a long mattress.



2. Key Points of Boy Room Storage

(1) Combinations of Storage Space

If toys, books, etc. can all be stored in the wall closet units, the children's room will appear more spacious and clean. If there is still not enough space in the closet, some articles that are not commonly used can be stored in the closet drawer storage area of self-contained beds and small coat closet.


(2) Reserve Storage Areas Based on Interest

If the child likes painting, then the picture frame showing his works in the children's room will greatly stimulate his enthusiasm for learning. If he loves music, then a piano and a display cabinet for storing trophies are also reasons for children to love their own rooms.


(3) Multi Function Division of Different Storage Boxes

Prepare more than a few baskets or storage boxes in children's room. According to the size of books or different stationery, let them place and store in categories to develop a good habit of organization.


(4) Create One’s Own Storage Mode in Accordance with the Regulations

Create some interesting small storage spaces in the children's room. For example, the space under the bed can be covered with a carpet to create a special storage space for children. The books can be arranged neatly on the shelves.


(5) Make Storage Interesting with Small Ornaments

The kids closet system in children's room can be divided into many small compartments. Children can be taught that the large lattice is to store shoes and hats, and the small grid is to store small clothes that are often worn. Their favorite toys can also be stored in these different compartments.



In addition, when parents decorate their children's rooms, they should also be environmentally friendly and hygienic. It should be ensured that children's rooms have fresh air circulation and appropriate temperature, so as to help children's healthy growth.

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