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Storage Solutions for College Dorms

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No matter how big the dormitory is, it will be messy if you throw things around. Many people find that there is no place to storage things after they have finished shopping, which eventually makes the room more and more chaotic. In fact, as long as you master the storage and cleaning skills, you can maximize the use of space and store the most things. This article mainly introduces college dorms storage solutions.




Storage Essentials for College Dorms


1. Wall Hanging Baskets

A row of hanging storage baskets can be decorated with a small cluster of flowers or green plants, making the messy and small dormitory look like a pure land. Green plants and flowers can also make the air in the dormitory more fresh. You can also use multiple rows of hanging bags. You can put some small objects such as mobile phones, remote controls, and scissors in them, and hang them behind the dormitory door or at the head of the bed. It’s not impossible to put hanging bags on the wall of the bed, pay attention to the color matching, everything is not a problem.


2. Bedside Storage Box

A small storage box is very convenient to hang on the head of the bed, whether it is books, mobile phone, or water bottles, you can put them in the bedside storage box. It also saves the trouble of getting in and out of bed to find things.


3. Shoe Cabinet

You must buy a cloth shoe cabinet with a dust cover. Otherwise, all the dust will be on your running shoes. If you buy a portable shoe cabinet, basically the shoes in the dormitory can be installed. In the future, you will not need to squat under the bed and pull the shoes. You can choose the shoe cabinet according to the dormitory.


4. Bed Desk

In fact, this desk is not very expensive. It is not easy to break, and it will not rust. If you have this for four years in college, you can save a lot of storage tools. This desk can hold computers, books, beauty and skin care products, and it will not block sleep at night, and there is no problem of legs not straightening.


5. Simple Cloth Wardrobe

Everyone can choose a heated clothes dryer, which can not only dry clothes, but also can be used for storage, and there is no need to worry about the rainy days.


6. Clothes Hangers

Prepare enough portable clothes hangers. You can hang up clothes you have worn for a day but are not ready to be washed. You can also hang up your wrinkle-prone clothes such as shirts. You can also use hangers to hang your bags. This simple tool allows you to better organize some of your clothes and accessories. Putting the hanger in the cabinet can greatly reduce the space occupation rate.



Principles of College Dormitory Storage


1. Take Advantages of Storage Boxes

There are various storage boxes for dormitory life. If you have a lot of clothes and the clothes wardrobe provided by the school is not enough, you can buy a cloth wardrobe, which can be shared with your roommate. Certainly, a storage box is also a good choice . If you have more shoes, buy a shoe cabinet. The quilt can be stored in a vacuum storage bag, which has a good moisture-proof effect.


2. Reasonable Space Use

The space under the bed is the largest space, but the humidity is also higher. You can put some learned textbooks and shoes in boxes, and put them under the bed. Storage bags can be hung on the wall, and a small shelf can be placed along the bed. The quilt clothing is best placed in a higher place. Give full play to your imagination, and your dormitory will be full of wisdom and fun.

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