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Bathroom Space Arrangement Idea

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The bathroom is a relaxing place for people. However, in a bathroom with a relatively small space, the situation is often completely different. There is no space for bath towels and soap is always difficult to find. But reasonable and full use of bathroom space can solve the problem of bathroom crowding. We will introduce how to arrange the bathroom space in this article.


28-towel airer


The Right Way to Plan Our Bathroom

In order to make the bathroom look tidy, correct planning plays a vital role. To do this, the first step is to clean the bathroom. We should empty the cabinets and throw away things we don’t need now, or things we won’t use in the near future. Then we need to consider today’s arrangement and make a list of all the cabinets, drawers and shelves available in the bathroom.



Use Shelves instead of Cabinets

We can put a shelving unit under the sink to ensure that we can always get the toiletries quickly. It is recommended to put smaller items such as perfume bottles and deodorants on the wooden tray so that we can clean the standing shelf unit faster. And we recommend purchasing several wall shelf units of the same size for towels and toilet paper.



Shelves and Mirror Cabinets

In open wall cabinets and mirror cabinets, we should only store the products we actually use every day. The advantage of open wall mounted shelving units is that they can make the bathroom clear. But cleaning up will be troublesome, so we must clean it thoroughly at least once a week.



Laundry Basket

Now more and more people use laundry basket in the bathroom, and the combination of woven laundry basket and wooden cabinets is also very harmonious. In addition to storing changed clothes, we can also use the wicker laundry basket to store bath towels inside.



High Shelves Make the Bathroom Look More Spacious

Tall shelving units and wall cabinets and make narrow bathrooms look more spacious. Crowded bathroom shelf units look messy, so it’s best to leave some space on the shelves. We can buy bath towels and accessories in bright and neutral colors, plus white furniture to create a pleasant atmosphere. And we can arrange the supplies we need once a week on the bottom layer, organize the things we need at night in the middle, and put the cosmetics we need in the morning on the top, about eye height.



Use Various Spaces

In most bathrooms, space is limited, but this does not mean that we have to take the towel out of the bedroom. Instead, let our creativity be free and use every little space. Even the towel airer can provide more space than we thought.



In order to make our bathroom a comfortable place, it should first look more spacious. The mirror cabinet contains medicines and cosmetics. Shelves and storage boxes provide enough space for towels, shampoo and perfume, which are not only functional but also beautiful in appearance. To choose the right bathroom appliances, we should make a plan and pay more attention to furniture and storage tools.

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