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DIY Storage Skills of Bathrooms

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Bathroom is a place of small space but many functions, so the bathroom storage is very important. If things are needed to be clean, some bathroom storage skills are necessary. Here are some practical bathroom storage techniques.



1. Homemade Towel Rack

Rolled up towels can be stored with a decorative wine rack on the wall, meanwhile it makes room in the closet cupboard or custom closet system.



2. Utilization of High Shelf

If there is no enough storage space in the bathroom, create one of your own. The area above the door is rarely used, so it can be applied to store things not needed. A double hamper can hold extra bath products or uncommon air fresheners to keep the freshness of the bathroom air.




3. Set up the Basket Rack

The bamboo hamper not used can be placed on the wall, which can create a very good storage space. The open structure can easily show all the items stored, and the top can be applied to store decorative accessories.



4. Making Layered Boxes

When the bathroom table space is used up and it still needs a space to store cosmetics and nail polish, a candle rack which piles up two plates can be considered to make ones own layered boxes. This is a simple and inexpensive method for bathroom storage.



5. Utilization of the Space of Sink Cabinet

Install a pull rod to hang cleaning supplies with the spacious sink cabinet, and the pull-out drawer below can also conveniently store additional toilet paper. The hamper basket can also be hung on the rod with an S-hook.



6. Utilization of Dual Purpose Mirror

A two-in-one mirror is perfect for small space bathrooms. When it is closed, it is a complete mirror. But when it is opened, all the health and beauty products can be stored on its rubermaid closet shelving.



7. Utilization of Glue Hook

Whenever the hair is permed with straight clamps, a safe place is needed to store them. The utilization of adhesive coat hooks argos inside the closet units door allows safe storage of hair ironing tools without accidental burns.



8. Installation of the Storage Bag

Mesh storage bags are good for the wardrobe, but they work better in the bathroom. Each pocket has a designated location for each item, and the hole in the top is easy to connect to the shower curtain hook. But make sure that the storage bag is mesh so that it can drain easily.



9. Utilization of Magnetic Stripe

The little hairpin seems to be one of the things that can not be traced, and this magnetic stripe will help solve this problem. Stick the magnetic stripe attached to a magnetic tape on the inside of closetmaid closet system or the side of the counter. The hairpin will be fixed on the magnetic stripe and can be used at any time.



10. Plant Shelf

Make the most of every storage opportunity. Buy some plant shelves hanging on the wall from the clearance sale place. The unique appearance increases the decoration, which can also hide heavy tools, such as hair dryer.



11. Transformation of Bathroom Storage Car

A bar car was converted into a rolling bathroom storage cart, towels and lotion replacing shakers and glasses. When there is enough storage space, it can be put in the corner closet system until it is needed again.


Although the bathroom space is very small, as long as people think more, more storage space can be created.


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