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Make the Toilet Space Bigger — the Space above Toilet Lid

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For the small toilet, the space above the toilet lid is worthy of clever utilization of space. The storage space above the toilet lid is practical, space saving and super customizable.



1. One or Two Shelves

Nail a few shelves with a solid appearance. Although it is a little prominent, the design is simple.


2. Hold the Toilet with a Ladder

Prepare a suitable ladder to match the bathroom design style. All kinds of towels can be hung on the rung of ladder.


3. Hanging Closet

Hanging closets can be applied as a new towel locker or as a place for toiletries and the like.


4. Custom Storage Unit

Closet units can be installed around the toilet tank to provide additional storage space in the form of opening or closing, such as placing additional towels, toilet rolls, and other useful items.



5. Turn the Storage Basket into a Shelf

The rack made of large hamper baskets can be hung on the top of the toilet, and some small objects can be placed in the storage basket casually. It can add something unique to the bathroom.


6. Simple Hook

The hook is very easy to use. It can store the hair dryer and other items well.


7. The Shelf Is Simple and Practical

The rubbermaid closet shelving can also be installed on the top of toilet lid. The exquisite installation of the shelf is very clever, and also some towels and other things can be hung below. Custom closet shelving can store daily bath products neatly, making the bathroom more tidy and generous.


(1) White Shelf

The white closet shelving is very exquisite and beautiful, and the multi-layer storage grid design can make good use of the space. The bath articles can be classified into categories so that the toilet is more orderly and the daily use is more convenient.


(2) Aluminum Alloy Shelf

The adjustable closet shelving of aluminum alloy is more durable. The luster of metal is more fashionable and exquisite, and it is more convenient to be taken care of at ordinary times.


(3) Bamboo Shelf

Add a bamboo shelf and frame up the ceramic tile wallboard in a very cool way.


(4) Self Made Shelf

One of the easiest ways to make ones own shelves is to apply metal pipes and recycled wood. It is very simple. Anyone can do it. This kind of shelf also looks good in the kitchen, the corridor and even the living room.


(5) Simple Industrial Bookshelf

Put items in woven hamper and boxes, or on the top shelf. There are also hooks for hanging towels and other things, including decorations.


8. Built in Closet Cabinet

Built in closet cabinets fill the entire space between the toilet tank and the ceiling, maximizing the storage capacity of the bathroom without making it look cluttered or cramped. It is super popular with white walls, floor tiles and matching fixtures.


9. Modular Closet Shelving

Simple modular closet shelving is also very convenient by the fixation method of no nailing.


The storage space above the toilet does not take up valuable floor space. It not only provides additional storage space and different styles, but also can be utilized to display various beautiful decorations. It is worth trying.


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