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Recommended Laundry Room Storage Tools

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In the past, many people chose to arrange the washing machine in the bathroom. The disadvantage of this functional area is that the environment is humid, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the machine. Therefore, it is better to build a laundry room separately, if used properly, it will become a perfect storage area in the home. So, if we have a separate laundry room, how can we do a good job of storing household items? With these tools, we can have a neat laundry.


 42-plastic clothes basket

Combination Cabinets

In the laundry room, a reasonable combination storage closet can integrate storage, ironing, and drying, which is usually tailor-made for the laundry room. The beautiful appearance and the meticulous classification of functions also save us time and effort when storing.




If you see a messy scene, you will feel very annoyed, and even if your clothes are hanging out will make you feel that it is not neat enough, it is very necessary to add a curtain that can be drawn at any time to the small space, and draw it when you don’t need it.



Storage Shelves

Each small corner can also be used as a place to store things, and a slender shelving units can be used to place items.


Since the wall shelf unit is fully open, it tends to appear messy. A variety of storage accessories are particularly important, such as fabric laundry basket of the same size and plastic clothes basket. We can use them to classify scattered objects, and then group them on the wall mounted shelving unit. It is best to put labels on the portable closet, which is to make it easier to find.



Fold Towels Neatly

If you put towels in the laundry room casually, the laundry room will look messy. We can use a plastic cutting board as a template, so that all the towels can be folded into one size and stacked together so that the towels can be neatly stored.



Pull-out Splint

Install a pull-out splint between the washing machine and the dryer, so that the dried clothes can be folded in the laundry room immediately, instead of taking piles of them to other places to fold, and the pull-out splint design does not take up any space.



Adjustable Height Laundry Room Cabinet

This IKEA wardrobe storage can bring us great convenience. According to the number of clothes placed, we can adjust the space in the IKEA wardrobe system, which gives us more choices and convenience.



Clothes Basket

We can use one laundry basket for laundry and another for drying laundry. Sorting clothes at the very beginning can make it more convenient to wash clothes. Moreover, it is more convenient to carry a laundry basket to the laundry room than to take the clothes directly. In addition, we can also label different laundry baskets according to different washing methods, so that there will be no problem of washing wrong clothes.

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