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Storage Essential for Girl Room

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As a private little world belonging to girls, the girl's room not only records the girls' happiness, anger, sadness and life track, but also carries the beautiful and lovely worries and princess dreams of girls. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange them in a comfortable and beautiful way. So, how to build it? What are the necessary items? Of course, kids closet storage, childrens hidden closet storage, childrens closet organizer are indispensable for storage.


05-2-kids closet storage


1. Fresh Green Plants

Green potted plants not only adorn the room, but also embellish the mood. For example, for the collocation of cactus and glass with green plants, the soil, sand and stone are very clean, fresh and simple, quite aesthetic. And it is very easy to be fed. Even if it is not watered for 30 days, it can keep full and fresh, nice and easy.


2. Aromatherapy

If the taste of the room style is needed to be improved, aromatherapy can be selected. Warm, fragrant, a dream space can be quickly owned.


3. Storage Cabinet

While ensuring the beauty of the room, do not forget to always keep in mind the concept ofstorage to achieve both practicality and aesthetics. For example, kids portable closet or kids closet system can be applied to help children make rational use of space. It can not only store clothes, shoes and socks, books, toys, etc., can also be put into it together. From then on, say goodbye to chaos, and they are easier to be found.



4. All Solid Wood Bedside Table

Put an extra bedside table next to the children's bed to store more objects. For example, the drawer clothes organizer allows children to select their favorite design and style. Hot water, milk and ornaments can be placed on the cabinet. At the same time, the multi drawer wardrobe drawer organizer is designed to meet various storage requirements flexibly, which is really great for utilization.



5. DIY Cloud Lamp

Cloud lamp is really a lovely little thing for girls. It is not already assembled, but for children to do a good job of assembling parts. However, all the materials needed for production are ready in the material package. The process is also very simple. A dream cloud lamp can be made step by step. As soon as this light is put on in an ordinary room, the room will be instantly beautiful.



6. Electronic Alarm Clock

Some electronic alarm clocks have many functions, such as night light, alarm clock and so on. There are big buttons on it, easy to operate and clear at a glance. The knob switch can adjust the light brightness. At night, the delayed turn-off function can also be turned on, so that children are no longer afraid of the darkness and can sleep peacefully.


 05-3-drawer clothes organizer

7. Shelf or Storage Box

Put some shelves. The wood slat closet shelving or corner closet shelving can be painted in pink or light color, which is consistent with the style of the whole room. Of course, the height should not be too high so that children can take things at any time. Also prepare some storage boxes or built in closet cabinets to help children tidy up their favorite toys, books, dolls, etc.


It is a common dream for girls to have an exclusive space. Whether it is a fresh style or romantic retro style are both very good. As long as more time is spent and we think more about it, it is very easy to create a dream space for girls.

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