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What Are the Essentials of Laundry Room?

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Now people's lives are getting better and better, and more and more families will choose to set up a laundry room or a dedicated washing area when decorating. So, what items does the laundry room need to be able to function well?



1. Washing Machine

Washing machine, as the most commonly used home appliance, is also a necessary electrical appliance in laundry room. The appearance of the washing machine has brought great convenience to people's lives. With it, dirty clothes can be washed easily, saving time and energy. As the washing machine developed, the appearance, performance, detailed design and function have a qualitative leap.


The drum machine is better than the pulsator. In addition to the style of the washing machine, capacity is the second most important factor to consider when purchasing a washing machine. Capacity refers to the maximum washing capacity of the washing machine.


 30-washing basket

2. Laundry Basket

The laundry basket is mainly used to store the changed clothes. With the laundry hamper, there will not be scattered with clothes everywhere. And we can also put a washing basket in the bedroom, put the changed clothes in it, and then take the clothes hamper to the laundry room, which is more convenient to carry.


The collapsible laundry basket can not only be used to store dirty clothes, but also can be used as a household sundries storage supplies, such as toys, books, newspapers, sundries and so on. Dirty clothes baskets are made of many materials. Oxford cloth is recommended because it is more breathable. The thickness of the general Oxford cloth is 600D, and there is a waterproof layer inside.



3. Detergent

Two kinds of detergents should be prepared in the laundry room, one for cleaning the house and the other for washing clothes. When washing clothes, we should choose the appropriate type of detergent according to the characteristics of the clothes to ensure that the clothes are not damaged while washing the clothes. Laundry detergents mainly include soap, washing powder and liquid detergent. Washing powder has strong decontamination ability, but it is more alkaline and irritating. Soap is less irritating, but it is not easy to store. The liquid detergent is non-irritating, easy to dissolve, easy to rinse, and has strong detergency, but the price is expensive. In addition, we can also choose some detergents with other functions according to our needs, such as bleach and softener.



4. Clothes Storage Cubes

The foldable laundry basket is mainly used to store dirty clothes, but the clothes that are washed and dried are best to be ironed and folded and used in the clothes stackable storage cubes. In addition to clothes, the foldable storage cubes can also be used to store magazines and newspapers that have been read, and dried fruits that can be stored for a long time.


According to the material, the collapsible storage cubes are generally divided into two types, including fabric material and plastic material. Plastic materials have better load-bearing properties than fabric materials and are more durable. However, the storage box made of fabric material can be folded and stored when not in use. So, we can choose the material type according to the stored items.



With these tools, our laundry room can not only function well, but also have a tidy space, making our home more beautiful.

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