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2021 Global Clothes Rack Market

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Once upon a time, when we thought of foreign countries, we always thought of the wordsadvanced and developed. Now China has gradually grown up after continuous exploration, innovation and development. In terms of the small matter of clothes drying hanger, we can also see the progress of China.



1. Current Situation of Some Clothes Drying Method Abroad

A friend on a trip to Italy complained,when I travel through the cobblestone alleys of Venus, I often see clotheslines from ones own home to his neighbor's. Clothes dryers are a rarity in Italy, so women there are meticulously hanging clothes from linen to underwear on a clothesline. When I pass by, the smell of laundry detergent mixed with the smell of salty river. It is just unbearable.As a tourist who used to grow up with washing machines, he said he was shocked by the colorful drying clothes when he went to other countries.



2. Development of Clothes Hanger Industry in China

The hanging clothes drying rack industry started in the middle and late 1990s, and the function of the clothes hanger has been continuously extended and expanded. After nearly 20 years of development, the clothes hanger industry in China has formed a certain scale. In recent years, under the influence of smart home, scientific and technological innovation, industrial upgrading, consumption upgrading and other aspects, the clothes hanger industry is also developing in the direction of intelligence and integration.


When people in some areas of foreign countries still utilize simple tools such as suspended bamboo poles, ropes or other tubular metal objects to dry clothes in daily life, the professional intelligent freestanding clothes rail equipment is very popular in China. According to the data of clothes hanger Special Committee of China Building Decoration Materials Association, in 2017, the shipment of electric (intelligent) clothes airer bunnings is about 3.5 million units, with a growth rate of nearly 100% for two consecutive years. It is expected that the penetration rate of intelligent clothes hanger will increase rapidly with the improvement of user awareness in the future.


Of course, saying so much does not mean that there is no intelligent clothes drying machine in foreign countries. This idea is wrong. However, the market share of the state-owned airing rack brand is leading for now. According to statistics, the clothes hanger market is basically dominated by domestic brands at present in China. There are more than 150 production enterprises with certain production capacity in the clothes hanger industry in China, mainly distributed in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province.


51-2-clothes drying hanger 

3. Wide Prospect of Clothes Hanger Industry

Although the portable hanging rack industry belongs to a small classification occupation, the potential demand of shopping malls is huge. With the continuous enhancement of household consumption ability, people's requirements on the quality of life, especially the requirements for the convenience of life, are also improved. This trend has led to the development of the whole clothing shelves industry, which has a broad prospect.


In addition, professional leading enterprises can effectively promote the further development of the whole extendable clothes rail industry by improving their own research and planning ability, production technology innovation ability and quality control ability, strengthening brand building and expanding business planning, etc. And with the continuous increase of product unit price brought by consumption upgrading and the rapid increase of superposition intelligent product penetration rate, the unit price of professional products has been increased rapidly, thus promoting the space of clothes hanger industry to expand continually.


So the future of wall clothes rack industry is broad. According to statistics, the average annual compound growth rate of sales revenue of enterprises above future clothes pole hanger industry planning is equal to 15% under the condition of both quantity and price rising. By 2023, the sales revenue of enterprises above industry planning will reach 11.441 billion yuan.


Therefore, we should neither over beautify nor negate the appearance of foreign countries in people's minds. On the contrary, it is necessary to re-establish a kind of cultural self-confidence and be proud of the power of China.


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