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9 Storage Essential for Your College Dorm

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Sharing a small space is never enjoyable. To comfortably live in the dorm room, you need to find the right way of organizing things with your roomie. This article mainly introduces the storage essential for your college dorm.



1. Bedside Storage

There is a variety of options, including bedside storage baskets, bedside clothes hooks, etc. Here, you can keep your smartphone, tablet, laptop, magazines, and other small things to be always at hand. They will not take much place, and it is very convenient when it comes to easy access.



2. Drawer Dividers

When you have a lot of clothes but just a few drawers, it becomes hard to keep everything nice. Drawer dividers can help you fit more stuff, just dividing the drawer into sections for your convenience.



3. Clothes Hangers

I recommend you get velvet clothes hangers over the plastic ones as they are leaner and help maximize your small storage closet. They are also cuter than regular hangers and help keep your clothes from falling off.



4. Hanging Shelf Closet Organizer

My dorm storage closet was tiny, it barely fit 3 pairs of shoes, so you really have to find ways to maximize space. Hanging shelves are an absolute necessity if you aren’t a minimalist and have the teeny tiny closets that most dorms provide.



27-laundry basket

5. Storage Bins

On the same topic of maximizing space, you’ll want to have a couple of storage bins, so your stuff isn’t all over the place (and annoying your roommate). They come in many different colors and designs, so you can have fun making it your own.



6. Rolling Cart

Another awesome way to stay organized in your dorm room is a rolling storage cart. I have used one of these for years and it’s amazing how much you can fit in them. and you can roll it to wherever you want. These carts are super cute and come in different colors, so you can find one that best suits your dorm room. This is another great way to store things under your bed or anywhere in your room.



7. Desk Organizer

I don’t know about you, but I can focus much better and am more productive when I have a clean and tidy workspace. A simple desk organizer is the perfect way to keep your desk organized. Use it to store all your school supplies and study materials.



8. Metal Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

If you have a bigger shoe collection, you're going to need an over-the-door shoe rack—a floor rack, unless you have tons of space, just don't cut it. This rack fits 18 pairs of shoes and can be placed on your closet door or the back of your dorm door.



9. Folding Laundry Hamper

Do you have any worn clothes that need to be collected together and washed on the weekend. If so, you need a folding laundry hamper. You can put all the clothes that need to be washed in a folding laundry basket. After the clothes are washed, they can be folded without taking up space.

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